Video game commentary for the rest of us.

The Optional Podcast

A fresh take on the world of video game coverage.
This is video game commentary for the rest of us.


Episode 087 - Difficulty sliders

This week is a bit of an extended cut jam packed with our impressions on Destiny 2, Call of Duty WWII beta, controversial South Park jokes, LA Noire in VR, an amazing round of questions, and our recommendations for the week. So tune in, don’t believe the hype, and join the conversation!


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About US


The Optional is a fresh take on the world of video game coverage. We believe that there needs to be more diversity in the games media world. There aren't a ton of games podcasts out there with hosts who look and sound like us. 

Not only just people of color but those of us who don't necessarily subscribe to the status quo's template for what a gamer should be. We also want to connect with everyone out there who may want to jump back into games or jump in for the first time.

The best part? No industry professionals here. We're just three friends from New York City with real opinions and we're not afraid to call it like we see it.

This is video game commentary for the rest of us.

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In December of 2015, we started a weekly podcast and the response has been amazing.

We also understand that we have a long way to go. The podcast is still finding its legs and we are still very much figuring things out as we go. This is our passion project which actually means we don’t make any money off of this. But we love it so much that we want to continue doing it for as long as we can!

We hope we can entertain you and become something you can look forward to every week. If you like what we do, please consider supporting us so we can keep it going.

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